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The Dekline team is breaking in the new team van for the rest of July, filming for our video, True Blue. 
Here's photo update of the Broke and Stoked tour from Dekline Team Manager, Mike Sinclair.

Picked up the crew at Donald Dust's palace.

Then we headed over to Jlay's baby shower for some best wishes and some great BBQ.

Baby Charlie is dropping soon. "Charlay" as Johnny claims.

Co pilot Hambone aka Joe Hammeke, Thrasher Magazine staff photographer.

Just less than an hour outside of Los Angeles and we got the new van stuck on side of the road in Blythe,CA.

Stayed the night in AZ at Jaw's house.

Trying to beat the AZ heat.

Checked out this little gem on a quick stop in Flagstaff, AZ.

Surprise stop in at Oncore Skateshop located in Flagstaff.

Get it while you can.

Burke knife shopping.

Quick bite in ABQ.

Pit stop number 33.

Almost to OKC.

First stop in OKC.

It's on.

Another OKC gem.

Matt B

Shane Powell picked up Ryan Spencer and Merlino who arrived before us coming from Berlin, Germany.

This is why we were late.

Merlino gets it in before the cops arrive in downtown Nashville.

The crew in Nashville.

Shane Powell shows us the best Nashville has to offer. Shane rules.

Bennett getting ready.

Tum Yeto fam, Jeremy Leabres hopped in the van with us.

Shane. Spots. Go.

Eli busted it, then got busted.

Another guest on the trip, Cole Wilson. He's amazing!

Party Barge.

A must when in Nashville.

Here's to Nashville!

Blake thinks on it.

Surprise visit at Franklin Skateshop.

Don lives good.

After demo signing at Six Ave Skatepark.

Custom Matt B slippers.

Thanks for all the support Sixth Ave!

Fred Water came through! Thank you Ashton and Fred Water!

Merlino dodges traffic.

Later Nashville.

But not before one more quick hit downtown.

Thank you Shane, FU Crue and all the Nashville bros!

Stay tuned for another update from the road in part 2.

Follow the hashtag on Instgram #brokeandstokedtour for daily updates from the team.
Posted July 21st, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

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