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Tum Yeto Dekline #HamBonesFieldtrip to Texas

Blake Carpenter, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, Ryan Spencer and Dakota Servold hopped in the Yeto van a couple weeks ago with Mike Sinclair, Joe Hammeke aka Hambone, and the Dekline filmer Don Luong . They hit the road and made way to Texas for a filming mission.

Early on, Blake deemed the trip, Hamebone's Field Trip. It took hold and made waves via the social media sphere. #hambonesfieldtrip.

BBQ is a mandatory stop in Texas. Texans do BBQ right and Spring Creek BBQ is the best in town.

These dudes back it. SC BBQ

Back at the hotel. Puzzles have become essential sources of entertainment.

Started this morning off with breakfast at the Purple Onion.

Then hitting the streets. Dakota is hyped.

What got here in the first place.

Dakota back dippin' on the outskirts of Dallas.

Foundation Secret Society member Sean Greene met up with the team to show them spots around Dallas. Thanks for repping and all your help Sean. You and Index Skateshop rule!

Spot Check

Spot Check

Clip check.

Ran into our Toy Machine homie along the way.

Jaws goes above and beyond for the fans...

And he goes up and over them too.

Dust in the wind.

Guns and Texas, a perfect pairing.

Made way to Austin, TX for SXSW. Chilled at No Comply Skateshop for a bit and ran into some friends.

A one man band showed up to SXSW. Jaws, stalefish disaster.

SXSW is getting pretty extreme these days.

Speaking of Xtreme. Kodi Boi conqueres.

We drink Fred and eat at Freds.

One last smoke before we all part ways.

#Hambonesfieldtrip might have ended in Texas...

But the Yeto van continues on with Jaws and Sinclair heading to Tampa and making some stops at shops along the way.
Posted March 19th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

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