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Dekline Dekline in Mexicali

Over the weekend the Dekline team jumped to the border to Mexicali, Mexico to hit the streets and meet up with the local skateshop, GraffZone for a signing and demo.

The crew at GraffZone hooked up some official documents/permits, serving as a free pass to skate the streets of Mexicali with no hassle. Unfortunately the documents didn't hold enough weight and we were kicked out of every spot we hit.

First Class treatment for our transportation.

Our tour guide Luis was the best. He led us around town to all the spots.

When in Rome....

Matt B testing the waters.

Pat B winding down to gear up for the surprise show.

Hotel Posada

Room full dust.

The surprise musical guest showed up, Leo Romero and his band Travesura.

Team Signing at GraffZone, the local skateshop.

The crew was hyped.

It got live at the show with the bambinos!

Joey Ragali backstage at the venue.

Leo and his band, Travesura killed it! Thanks for making the trip down South bros!

This dude backs the F permanently.

Looks as though he's brainwashed permanently too.

Murphy jumped the border with lats international hurrah before heading back to Denver.

Morning routine at the bux.

Bennett signs a Bennett

Demo days.

Merlino ignites the product toss.

Product raid.

We survived Mexicali.

But in the end, we're still dust in the wind.

Photos: Mike Sinclair
Posted February 24th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson
Everything was great. I hope to come back soon, welcome to Mexicali. Blake ♥ Pat, Ryan and Jaws thanks for their sings and sorry for the others their had too many people, have many fans, Thanks again.

Them to do well in your next event, take care a lot.

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Posted By: Valerie M. Figueroa on February 25th, 2014 at 08:49AM PST
thanks friends for this great experience in mexicali hey nick merlino a pleasure to have played with you and aaron Homoki have when we get drunk more often thanks to all are super cured thanks leo romero by these good songs and salute all nicole ricardo
Posted By: ricardo mejia on February 25th, 2014 at 01:23PM PST
leave my facebook for anything we are in contact when they want to contact me go to tijuana
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