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Dekline Mallorca Update #2

The rain finally broke after a day or so, and the crew was siked to get going. The city is a serious skatepark, check some of these bank spots, this is only about 3 of 10+ sick ones throughout the city. Could it be....? I found my best skate city ever...? Me being a confessed transition lover and 36, made this place skateboard heaven for me. Also the whole no phone and internet thing was really working for me getting some photos and filming for the new Stereo vid with little or no interruptions. Kingpin is also putting together a web video and a piece on the trip so check for it coming after the holiday...
Peter-and-Soy1208_tiny.jpg Crew-in-Bar1208_tiny.jpg Crew_tiny.jpg Euro-woman_tiny.jpg Fun-Bank-spot_tiny.jpg Marble-bank-spot_tiny.jpg Jamie-Body-JAr_tiny.jpg
Soy and Peter converse, this little cafes with food, beer, and coffee are everywhere in Spain. They are so cozy you feel 50 years old and Spanish by the time you leave one.
Posted December 20th, 2008 by wrench
Greetings from Mallorca Chris, hope to see you skate around here again!

P.D. ( ... )
Posted By: Ian on December 20th, 2008 at 12:21PM PST
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