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Dekline X-Games Weekend

Adam Dyet shredded the course while Chris Pastras ripped the mic at X-Games 14. Congratulations to Adam Dyet for his 7th place finish. Check the photos .

1dyetpastras_tiny.JPG 2dyetboard_tiny.JPG 3dyetshit_tiny.JPG 4dyetgreen_tiny.JPG 5dyetkfbsts_tiny.JPG 6dyetfsbluntslide_tiny.JPG 7dyet50_tiny.JPG 8dyetkrookxgame_tiny.JPG 9dyetfeeblexgames_tiny.JPG 10backnbluntxgames_tiny.JPG 11dyetwalking_tiny.JPG
Pastras and Dyet chillin
Posted August 4th, 2008 by Sinclair

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