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Dekline Woodward West Update

A lot can happen in a day, Dyet gets lost even with a GPS & a map but managed to make it to the demo, Gareth tries a Twinkie for the first time and Melcher breaks his finger. Flow rider Sid Melvin showed up one minute before the demo and killed it. The kids all got free stuff and a big thanks goes out to Neal Hendrix, Buzzy Sulivan and Woodward West skatecamp.

1stehr_tiny.JPG 2dyet_tiny.JPG 3sid_tiny.JPG 4melcher_tiny.JPG 5dyet_tiny.JPG 6sid_tiny.JPG 7gareth_tiny.JPG 8dyet_tiny.JPG 9dudes_tiny.JPG 10line_tiny.JPG 11line_tiny.JPG 12gareth_tiny.JPG 13dyet_tiny.JPG 14kid_tiny.JPG 15kids_tiny.JPG 16stoked_tiny.JPG 17icecream_tiny.JPG 1twinkie_tiny.JPG 2twinkie_tiny.JPG 3twinkie_tiny.JPG 4twinkie_tiny.JPG
Gareth Steher Woodward west
Posted July 9th, 2008 by Sinclair
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