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Dekline Good times in Raleigh, NC


After a few souther bug bites we headed out for some breakfast and an all day spot search.

I took the guys out for some real country cooking
2 Turns out Zarosh likes pepper in his OJ
3 That’s right Pepper
4 Zarosh trips out on all the random shit in the restaurant
5 Zarosh asks if he could buy this old camera
6 Zarosh and his new camera
7 Met the guys at Endless Grind Skateshop
8 Rodent was having his breakfast in the NC Legends chair
9 Johnny Randolph managing the store
10 Jason Adams pops in with some Starbucks
11 Melch was ready for the first spot
12 First spot of the day was the Full Pipes
13 Ripping
14 Gareth was the first casualty
15 It started raining so Rodent took advantage of the free time
16 As soon as it dried up we were back out
17 Gap to loading dock spot behind Endless Grind Skateshop
18 Rained out again so we headed over to Jackpot
19 Cheers
20 Raleigh, NC over and out

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I took the guys out for some real country cooking
Posted May 10th, 2008 by August
damn, I was having a good day it looks like. still keeping Finch's open!
Posted By: Johnny on November 22nd, 2008 at 11:59AM PST
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