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Blake Carpenter is by far one of the most talented skateboarders I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His style is effortless and his skateboarding comes with ease. Blake and I will happily continue to work together at Tum Yeto with Toy Machine, Pig Wheels and Bro Style all remaining as his supporting sponsors. Today Blake Carpenter will be moving on from Dekline Footwear to what I think will be one of the brightest futures imaginable. All the best Blake Carpenter you deserve it, you kill it and you are the fucking man! - Mike Sinclair
Posted February 17th, 2015
Blake's gonna be fine. Why didn't you guys do something for Johnny when he was demoted to flow? He's been consistently producing on Toy for over a decade. His exit deserved some acknowledgement, like Austin's. Now Johnny's sitting on all this footage for the Vans video with no board sponsor. I'm so bummed for him and for how his situation was handled. At least thank the guy for ripping on Toy as long as he did.
Posted By: Bloodsuckingbuildingjumpingpawn on February 18th, 2015 at 06:57PM PST
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